Statutory Certification

Sing-Lloyd is duly authorized by the Government of Sierra Leone, Cook Islands, Commonwealth of Dominica and Kingdom of Mongolia as Recognized Organization (RO) and Recognized Security Organization (RSO) to perform statutory work in terms of certification and survey functions connected with the issuance of international certificates in according to IMO Conventions and Codes. In addition, Sing-Lloyd is one of the few RO and RSO apart from the IACS members that is duly recognized by the China MSA and permitted to operate in China albeit the stringent audits and acceptance requirements by the Chinese Government agency.


Statutory certification from initial, annual, intermediate and renewal appraisal during the operational life time of the vessel. SING-LLOYD assures efficient and well-timed execution of the certification by proactive coordination with owners/managers to harmonize vessels’ operational schedules through a global network of experienced and qualified surveyors


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